No matter how noble and honest our elected officials are when elected, the corrupting forces of power in government gradually wears down even the best among us.  Preyed upon by affluent lobbyists and seduced by the allure of power detaches our elected officials from the real issues, and they fail to represent the very people who elected them.

To prevent the corruption and exhaustion, it is imperative that term limits be adopted for our leaders in Washington D.C.  The XXII Amendment of the Constitution was ratified in 1951 to limit a president to two terms (eight years).  A similar Constitutional amendment should  be ratified to enforce term limits for the members of the House, Senate and Supreme Court. To this end, there must be a five term limit for members of the House of Representatives (ten years), and a two term limit for members of the Senate (twelve years), likewise a twenty year limit to members of the Supreme Court.