"My foreign policy will always put the interests of the American people and American security above all else. It has to be first."
-Donald Trump
The United States of America has been and still is the greatest blessing to the world.  Our soldiers liberated entire continents and kept no land for ourselves, aside from the cemeteries where so many heroes rest as reminders of the price paid for freedom.

After World War II, the United States rebuilt former foes (Germany and Japan), as well as scores of other nations. We stood guard against the treacherous Soviet Union and its blood tide of communism bent on destroying civilization.

The United States of America remained vigilant, and a world war III was averted as the Soviet Empire collapsed; thanks to the commitment of our money and servicemen around the world.

Yet, many of America's friends have taken advantage of our generosity.  Instead of paying their fair share for their own defenses, many nations, such as Canada, much of Western and Central Europe, and Germany, enjoy economic prosperity, while being protected by an American security umbrella.  Only six of the 29 NATO nations spend their promised (pledged) 2% of GDP on defense.  The burden has been left on the backs of the American tax payers for decades.

I agree with the president;  it is time for our allies and international partners to do their part to provide for their own defenses.  This does not mean that we will withdraw behind the oceans and attempt to hide in a isolationist manner. Such a fatal approach was tried in the past, and it led our nation into two world wars.

The United States will remain a committed and reliable friend to all free nations around the world.   Make no mistake about it, we will honor the NATO Article 5 Mutual Defense Treaty obligations and continue to stand with our friends in Northern Europe (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), Eastern Europe and elsewhere around the world against any foreign aggression.  It is time that our allies pay their fair share for defenses and no longer abuse and take advantage of America's generosity.

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