Who is Douglas V. Mastriano?

Doug is a Christian, retired Army Colonel, Military strategist, award-winning author, husband and father. During his 30 years of Army service, Doug planned the invasion into northern Iraq in 2003; he was Chief of Intelligence over the entire Afghanistan region, developed a plan for Eastern Europe to defend itself against Russian aggression and taught Master-level strategy at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle. Learn more about Doug here.

What is Doug's political party?

Doug is an American patriot who loves his country.  He is a registered Republican who believes in traditional family values, fiscal responsibility, a limited government, and an end to career politics.

Is Doug  pro-life?

Doug believes, life begins at conception and that unborn children are guaranteed all the Constitutional rights we enjoy every day... including the right to life.


What will Doug do for me?

Doug will serve and continue to fight for our American freedoms and rights. Doug desires to be a strong voice and lead the charge for us to stand firm on our convictions and maintain our liberties.

Does Doug support President Trump?

As a life-long soldier, Doug understands proper respect for the Office of Commander in Chief.  He, personally, knows and has worked with President Trump's former National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster.  Doug is in favor of the President's efforts.

Doug  supports President Trump in cutting off taxpayer funding to countries that despise the United States of America (Palestine, Iran, Turkey, etc), slashing UN funding, and he fully supports Jerusalem as Israel's capital!

How does Doug define marriage?

Doug has been faithfully married to his wife, Rebecca for over 3 decades. He believes in traditional marriage between one man and one woman.

What is Doug's view about Letterkenny Army Depot?

After spending 30 years in the Army, active duty, Doug Mastriano knows just how important Letterkenny Army Depot is to our nation. Doug knows many in our national leadership who share the same view. As much as possible, he will leverage these relationships to help keep Letterkenny Army Depot in function.




What does Doug believe concerning our environment?

Doug and his son are both Eagle Scouts and are very conscientious about the beautiful resources of our continent and world. He believes in being a faithful steward of these resources and using common sense approaches to preserve them. Doug supports an energy-independent America that includes drilling our own oil and mining our own minerals.

 What does Doug think of Career Politics?

Our country is in peril and under attack by enemies, foreign and domestic. Special interest groups and big-money lobbying firms have our elected officials right where THEY want them, serving their interests, alone. A central component of Doug's fight is his belief in term limits for Congress, the Senate, and the Judiciary. Read more about Doug's ideas concerning an end to career politics and to keep our elected officials accountable to us, here.

What does Doug think about the use of our taxpayer money?

Doug recognizes, our government is bloated beyond belief and is in desperate need of financial reform. This costs us billions of dollars every year and has contributed to our approximately $20,000,000,000,000 national debt! We need spending cuts and  tax reform. We give billions of dollars in aid to other countries while our veterans have sub-par healthcare, our infrastructure is crumbling, and many Americans struggle to make ends meet. We need SMART spending cuts applied in strategic places for the maximum benefit of the American taxpayer. Read more here.