An America First Policy means America is first priority.  Our leaders must focus, first and foremost, on the issues that directly affect our lives.

Over-regulation must be ended. Many working class citizens hold vocations in mining, farming and industry. They must be able to receive adequate wages that are not diminished due to government regulatory fees incurred by their employers or business owners.

Health care and benefits for the American people should be by our choice and based on our needs. There should be no penalties nor astronomical costs for individuals or families. Obama Care must go.

Proper management of funds and tax cuts in Washington D.C. means tax burden relief. Using America's own resources for fuel and energy lowers its cost, therefore lowering the energy taxes, of which Pennsylvania pays some of the highest in our nation.

Your Second Amendment right must remain in tact. Assistance and resources for our lawmakers is necessary to provide safety and security for the people of our nation.

It's time Americans have a voice that can be heard by our country's leadership. Doug can be that voice!